Meet The Photographer

Howard Wang is the photographer, specializing in wedding and people photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his clients. Based in Vienna,Virginia Howard and his team is ready to create and keep memory of one the most important moment for you and your families.

Great photos depends on good lighting, scene, environment and most importantly the photograher. Good photographer will always find creative ways to take beautiful photos when the surrounding or lighting of the photo shoot are not optimal. Howard believes that a photographer is not only a person who press the shutter and record the moment, but also an artist who make people look their best. He uses different techniques during the shoot and post production to achieve distinctive style from other photographers.


  • Wedding and Engagement Photography

    Wedding and engagement session need to be planned at leat 3-8 months in advance. There are several different packages available to suit different needs. While providing high quality edgy work, the cost is very reasonable and affordable.

  • Families and Children Photography

    I love take children outddoor to photograph their playful nature. When children are asked to smile, you usually end up with un-natural look. When they are at play unknowing someone is photographing, their purist, truest and most natural loving moments can be captured.

  • Event Photography

    I cover all kinds of events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, Mitzvel and corporate parties.


Howard is an amazing talented photographer. He was the photographer for our wedding in April. At the time spring had just arrived in Virginia, the ground was bare with limited plant species blossoming. But Howard’s choice of background, camera angles, and use of natural lighting were fantastic. He not only froze all the special moments, he also captured all the excitement and energy radiated from the guests turning it into one splendid backdrop. We were so pleased with the results that we have requested him to provide us with an additional service of composing our wedding album. We LOVE every page of it!

By Raymond Lin

I felt that the service was incredible! Howard was efficient and very professional! I loved all the pictures that he took at our wedding! Everyone at the wedding was raving about how great he was and still saying what great pictures he took! Very detail oriented! Made sure the quality was perfect in every picture

By Lisa Goldbold

Howard took both our engagement photos and our wedding photos. He was easy to work with and friendly we loved getting our pictures taken by him. He got us lots of great shots on both occasions that our family and friends adored. We felt we got a lot of great service for a reasonable price, plus we loved that lots of prints came with the package we purchased. We are very thankful for all the memories we were able to capture with Howard's help.

By Kyle DiCamillo

I was lucky to find an affordable photographer for my wedding ceremony and reception. Howard Wang was very professional and he met with me prior to the wedding to identify my style and what I expected from his services. On the day of the wedding he was there on time, and most importantly... He showed up during a big, scary, unprecedented hurricane (Irene) coming to the DC area on the day of my wedding... How lucky is that? ...I mean, to have a hurricane on your wedding day? Well. I'm glad I had a good photographer to document it! The pictures were beautiful and high quality. I would have worked a bit more on the settings and trying to remove people from the back of each photo, or the arrangement of tall / short guests contrast, but in general the result was pretty amazing.

By Erika Yelpowitz